17 September 2013

Special Election

Today is the day I am supposed to go vote for one of three potential candidates in a special primary.

The guy who actually lives in the district primaried the candidate who just vacated the position and lost last election.  He's barely got signs out and no mailers.

The other two guys did not live in the district they purport to want to represent when the slot became vacant.  We just had a redistricting, so that could account for it.  If they get the nomination they have to move before the actual election in October.

One of these guys has been a mailing fool.  I could heat my house with all the flyers.  The NRA likes him.  Well, the NRA likes Harry Reid too.

He's good buddies with our sheriff, and I am not sure I am happy about that.

For the first time since I've been old enough to vote I sit here and think, "why bother?"

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