09 September 2013

I Once Was Lost...

From back when I started...

This is where I air my thoughts. I talk about guns, I talk about politics, I talk about religion. I'm a low-rent philosopher.
These are my opinions, I try to back them up with facts when I can, but this is not a research paper so citations might be very spotty. I will try to give credit where credit is due. That applies to blame as well.
Some basic things: I am pro-gun. I'm a heterosexual who supports gay rights. I'm an atheist who supports freedom of religion. I'm a disabled veteran. I'm a father. I'm a husband. I'm a scoundrel.
I believe in liberty and freedom. I feel that you have to give them to receive them. I believe that freedom and liberty have warts and unpleasant consequences; and I don't care. Eliminating freedoms to get the warts is exactly the wrong way to do it.
Liberty and freedom are ideals; unattainable in the real world. That means there are limits to them. There are things that are off limits here too.
This is my soap-box, not yours. If you have so much to say that you are drowning out what I am trying to say; make your own blog. I do welcome comments, however. Remember, this is not your place; but mine.

I think that I forgot who I was and why I was writing it down.

I will return to these simple beginnings.  I figured out what was wrong with my joie de vivre: hopping on the bandwagon yelling, "Me too!" wasn't me.  I mistook overlap in interests for participation.

I've seen where my participation was welcome now.

Special thanks to those who've been most helpful with my epiphany even if I was mainly in my cups feeling sorry for myself because I'm not one of the big boys who gets invited to events and handed free shit.

It suddenly hit me.  I'm not the person who gets free shit.  I was just jealous and I because I am completely disinterested in changing who I am to become the person who would EARN those "freebies" I was suddenly balanced about it.  I am who I am.  I am not who I am not.

I don't really want to be anyone else!

Happiness returns and all is well in The Abode.


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