10 September 2013


I have to wonder if people think there's a minimum donation that's acceptable to PCF and KTKC.

There is not.

You could donate a penny.

It doesn't have the same effect on getting me towards my goal of $500 total donations, it's something.

Something is better than nothing!

Every year I do this and I think that if we'd had the money back when would Acidman still be around? Would my grandpa?  Would Marv's step-father?  Would countless others?

These donations helped pay for the experimental treatments that are helping my friend Garry (pic of him tomorrow I hope).  There's a real world right there person who's benefitted from these donations.  Without them, that treatment that helped would not have been available.

I remember him telling us, before the treatment was offered, that he'd gotten his stuff in order and was getting ready for the end.

We're thrilled that the old curmudgeon responded and is doing well.

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