13 September 2013

GURPS: Traveller

I am now the proud owner of (nearly) every book of the GURPS: Traveller line whether in print or pdf.

I don't have several of the supplements like the planetary surveys or the adventures; much of the time they contradict what I've made up and I don't use them anyways!

While much of it (bought over the span of 14 years!) is replacing my LBB materials, Steve Jackson Games' version did do good work expanding the knowledge base.

The best of the recent purchases by far has been Humaniti.

Of the 16 minor races of homo-sapiens depicted, I'd only heard of the Darrians, Geonee, and Syleans.  And the Geonee only because I'd recently digested Interstellar Wars.

I knew the name Azhanti from Azhanti High Lightning, but didn't know they were a minor race of humans.

I am really enjoying reading the backgrounds.  Re-hashing old familiar stomping grounds from my campaigns set in and around 1103-1110 to the "present" 1120.  Did you know that 567-908 (Spinward Marches 1031) has a name now?  Denuli!

Denuli is an oft visited world of my Traveller campaigns because I had Adventure 10, Safari Ship.  Of the many times ran, just ONCE did the players not commit genocide and/or murder their client, Kafla Thingvellir.  (Played with GURPS 4e rules with Fuzzygeff and Anglave).

I have the Planetary Survey for Denuli and it's nice to see that the future assumed a peaceful resolution to the adventure rather than the "kill the bug-eyed monsters and loot their sacred valley of the gem-like eggs; oh and shoot the boss because he's a WITNESS!"

All in all I am finding I've made peace with pdf because Apple's Preview app is far superior to Adobe's Reader for viewing them.  Heck my PHONE'S pdf viewer is better than the one they make for PC's.  That surely says something about it, huh?


The main reason I could never take the hyper-vegetarian "vegans" seriously is there's a race in the Solomani Rim that are FROM Vega!  And they are omnivores.

This, by Lord Juju, is a Vegan!
PPS: If you want it pronounced vej-an like veggies, you should have spelled it veggan.  For Gorram's sake, calling aliens from Vega, Vegans dates back to when Heinlein lived hand to mouth!

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