13 September 2013


I have asserted that the NRA doesn't give a shit about NFA items.

I now have proof.

I heard about the upcoming rule change proposal, not from the NRA but from bloggers.

I know the comment period started because of bloggers.

In the, no exaggeration, four emails a day I get from the NRA not a peep has been uttered about these proposed changes nor any guidance offered.

It's all guns and any guns they are trying to ban!  NFA are guns too.

If the NRA spent half the time and effort to fight this rule change as they have to entice me to enroll in Life-Lock, buy insurance or join their wine club; we'd have the Hughes Amendment repealed and a NICS check on our $2 transfer tax after filling out one simple form and waiting about ten minutes.


  1. I think that the trouble is that most "mainstream" US shooters, NRA members or no, have little-to-no interest in NFA items. Other than machine guns, they're mostly fairly obscure to most people you find at the range.

  2. Just like another category of firearm that was banned from 1994 to 2004, huh?

  3. Not really. "Assault weapons" had become pretty popular before 1994, while machine guns never were much seen in the mainstream. Sawed-off shotguns and the others got lumped in due to "moral panic" of the sort that made a lot of states ban switchblades back in the 1950s. Apparently being stabbed with a switch is a lot worse than being stabbed with a plain ol' kitchen knife.


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