27 September 2013

Common Refrain

Very commonly I appear to be expected to help people out with things I have no interest in.

Just as commonly when I learn about the thing I am not interested in I find the person I am supposed to be helping doesn't really want my damn help; they want to climb up on their cross in righteous indignation about how they've been screwed over by the vendor/manufacturer.

Have fun up there, wave at Jeebus!

Of note is the fact that prior to being asked if I will help, I had no knowledge of the thing at hand.  Presumably you obtained the product because of your interest.  Why then did I discover the product you selected is not what you wanted when you're the one who's supposed to know about this stuff?

Related.  It is not my fault that the free/cheap product doesn't work.  It is not my fault that their customer support is worthless.  It is not my fault that the product/service that will readily perform the task you wish performed is "too expensive".  It is not my fault if a given product has prerequisites that you don't meet.

In short it's a problem of your making and I have been burned too many times trying to help.

I refuse to own the problem once I have helped because you didn't understand my explanation.  I refuse to own the problem because I did not say what you wanted to hear.  I most especially will not take the blame if you don't take my advice or follow my instructions!

It's too the point with some topics and some people that they get a brusque response.  "Why doesn't this work?"  Based on past experience, because you're using it.

Am I talking about you?

It sure is a sunny day today.

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