21 September 2013

It's Official

My Curio and Relic FFL showed up today!

Like a dog with a bumper in their mouth, I have no idea what to do now.

Do I make copies?

Dare I head for the Lakeland Gun Show?

1 comment:

  1. Make copies. and keep a few unsigned ones with you in the event you see something you must have. Also keep a soft copy to print up more copies.

    Also sign one of the copies and make a soft copy of that to fax or email to the various distributors who deal in C&R guns, as well as to companies like Brownells and Midway USA who give discounts to all who have an FFL of any flavor.

    Last the little card-sized copy at the bottom of your big one should be signed and laminated and carried in your wallet.

    Also buy any and every pistol you have interest in because lord knows when they might crack down on that.


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