30 September 2013

Last Day Begins

2013 KTKC wraps up today and I've done better this year than I have done in the previous two years combined!

I feel like I, no WE, deserve some sort of "most improved" award; I made my stated goal for the first time and having met that goal, surpassed it by more than the entire donation from last year.  We got $45 the first year, $250 last year and so far (still time to donate!) $775 this year.

Truly, everyone who contributed rocks!

1 comment:

  1. I did the math, and found that a $21 donation would exceed the sum of your first two years' fundraising, plus your goal for this year:

    45 + 250 + 500 = 795
    775 + 21 = 796

    Guess how much I contributed.... ;-)


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