20 September 2013


It doesn't cost much to hang out your internet shingle and start doing testing and evaluation.

It takes a great deal of work to establish yourself as knowledgable and thorough.

It takes an instant to destroy all of that and introduce doubt.

Read this.  Be sure to check WHY he's not using or testing Frog Lube.

On one hand, I understand.  With my misophonia, Kit Kat's ads with all the crunching bug the snot out of me, and I avoid buying them because of this.

But I have not established myself as an impartial and thorough reviewer of candy bars whose opinion on their flavor matters.

Mr Touhy has his own blog and he's a contributor to The Firearm Blog.  He's done some interesting work and now I wonder if I can trust his recommendations because I see that he can be made to avoid a product with mere bright colors and shallow ad copy.  The doubt that is introduced is "what else is he not mentioning?"

All I want to know from an overview of gun lubricants is "does the product work?"

He mentioned the product in his article then engaged his inner five year old with monosyllabic replies for a while.  Dude, you brought it up!

I know that my little post will not be widely read or heeded.  Remember how much contempt we have regarding the influence of advertisers in the dead-tree gun press?  This is the opposite side of that coin.

Gell-Mann amnesia will kick in even if you do read this.

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