25 September 2013

Yes Daddy

Dottie, Kaylee and the shotgun are now alike.

They have sling mounts for the Magpul MSA3 1-QD sling.

They have a bit-o-rail for my light.

Now when I fumble in the dark I only have to remember how one sling works and how one light works.

Magpul is very much the Apple of the firearms world.  Rabid followers and a tendency to have a single name for endless revisions of the same name.

Today's case in point is the "Sling Mount Kit".  Originally just an item for the ACS stock.  Now there are three different Sling Mount Kits, imaginatively termed Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3.  Guess which one the original is now...  That's right! the original Sling Mount Kit for the ACS is now the Type 3!


Midway is unaware there's more than one kind, so I got the type 3 with my order.

Brownells knows there's a type 1 and 2, but doesn't seem to know about the type 3.  I should have ordered from them, but they didn't have the MOE sling mount I needed for Kaylee.  I wasn't about to pay shipping twice!

To get your Type 3 kit to work in your SGA stock, cut the supplied screw in half and discard the provided nut.  Install like you would the Type 1.

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