16 September 2013

Not What I Expect

On a whim I bought me some Frog Lube CLP.

It smells like those pink wintergreen mints our parents and grandparents kept around the house.  I did not expect that.

On the whole, being a hidebound shooter, I am happy with Shooter's Choice for a solvent and LSA for lubricant.

I have a visceral hatred of Break-Free CLP because it was the worst "solvent" I've ever used.  We had white glove weapons inspection and CLP didn't work on the carbon fast enough to get it all when we were cleaning after coming back from the range.  The light coat we left on the weapons kept right on working on that carbon until a week later, during inspection, it came off on the probing finger of the inspecting officer.

Couple that with issue cleaning gear...  It's amazing that we ever got anything clean.

Now that I am older and wiser I know that my unit wanted the guns cleaned well past the point where it was wise.  Some residue doesn't hurt anything.

So, overcoming my skepticism about all-in-one solvent and lubricants, I've bought a bottle of the minty fresh amphibian juice.

Out the gate we have a problem.

Worst.  Bottle.  Evah.

I want the drip to go where I aim it, not cling to the side of the cap and run down the bottle.

I will be transferring it to a different bottle as soon as I remember where I put the bag of 20 I had...

1 comment:

  1. The best way to use Frog Lube. Disassemble the gun and put the parts on a cookie sheet. Heat the parts to where they are very warm to the touch. Brush the lube on, covering every part and let cool. Run all day long. Repeat this a couple of times after the first treatment. I've done this to all of my guns. No jams. Both of my AR's run like the BCG is on ball bearings. So do my 1911's.


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