24 September 2013

Traveller Two Day

I have two things on my plate for Traveller.

I am writing a brief, "how to think like a Hiver" piece for Erin.  It's proving to be rewarding and frustrating.  Should be done with what I want to say sometime today and have it be readable by next week.  Some input from Fuzzygeff would be welcome since he's played one a lot more than I have.

This project also has me thinking of making a K'Kree character just to see if I could manage to make one that I'd be willing to actually play.  I think that's going to be a lot harder than the Hiver!


  1. The key to any Manipulation, regardless of whether the target is an individual, a small group, or an entire population, is twofold. First, you must accurately determine what motivates the target. Once you have identified the target's motivations (and all targets will have multiple motivations, both tangible and intangible), you must lead the target to the conclusion that doing what you want the target to do will help address the target's concerns, wants and/or needs.

    I find it interesting that the US Army has Military Occupational Specialties that receive training in Manipulating individuals (recruiters are an obvious example), and Military Occupational Specialties that receive training in Manipulating populations (PSYOP has a unique MOS), but has no training I've found to cross-train US Army Manipulators....

  2. Wow. I just said that "the long con was the national passtime of the Federation." Permission to steal?


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