12 September 2013

NRA Endorsement

I have three republican candidates vying for the chance to run in the special election come October.

Next Tuesday is the primary for said election.

As I said before, two of the three Republican candidates did not live in the district they wish to represent when they announced they were running.

The NRA has endorsed one of the candidates that couldn't bother to live here before a chance at political power came up.

Slow clap.

Guns are very important to me, but I can't imagine someone who won't reside here without the bribe of power will represent me very well on other things.

As an atheist I'm a bit nervous about someone who's a minister running for office.  I'm pro gun, but I am also pro-titty bar (not that I can afford to go to one; I like the IDEA of titty bars)

To me the two candidates who are moving here to run are akin to Hillary moving to NY just before her senate run.

I am frustrated there is scanty information about any of the three candidates positions on most things.

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