24 September 2013

Gotta Love It

In Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam there are three campaigns, all historical.

Rolling Thunder, Linebacker I and Linebacker II.

Rolling Thunder is the longest one since it covers from 1965 thru 1968.

Actually, it's not all that historical.  The mission and target selection is a lot more like "lessons learned" from Vietnam and applied to Vietnam than how it really was.  Still, it's fun.

What happens when you apply modern tactics to this war is the historically accurate number of targets dwindle to nothing very quickly.  Imagine applying Desert Storm to Rolling Thunder.  Imagine that the lessons of TOPGUN and Red Flag had been taught and absorbed long before President Kennedy sent in advisors let alone air power.

That is how this game progresses for me.  Because I studied these lessons and can apply them.

Technological developments still happen according to the historical calendar.  If the AIM-9E doesn't make it to the unit you're playing until 1967, you have to make do with the AIM-9B until then.  It's not so bad, really.  Using modern tactics and rules of engagement allow you to actually employ the AIM-7E effectively and you just don't leave home without your SUU-23 gun pod (although it really should be an SUU-16 which is similar but powered differently but isn't included in the game).

At any rate by the time I get access to the improved AIM-9E I am all out of MiGs!  It's just not fair!

If you look close you can see those are AIM-9E under the wings.

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