04 September 2013

Thump Drag

I've been remiss.

The Lovely Harvey has been tracking things via Facebook and my Sister In Law isn't giving easy to blogify text messages anymore.

Herk is walking in physical therapy!

There's even a vid.

His gait is steady and slow.  But he's doing it unsupported, just has a therapist standing by with a recovery strap.

Considering he broke a femur and had stroke-like damage to the other side, he's doing awesome!

Speaking of that stroke-like thing...  His face doesn't look all slack and lifeless on the right side anymore.  Pictures of that scared me more than anything.

The jury is still out on how much he's lost and how much he can regain; but considering how terrifyingly bad the outcomes on one end of the scale could have been, everyone is relieved.

PS: the post title is from MY physical therapy when I was learning to walk again after the shattered bilateral tib-fib had stitched enough to take weight.  The left leg healed far better than the right and when I was on the parallel bars the first few times the left leg would hit hard THUMP and then I'd kind of flop the right into position for the next "step" without lifting it DRAG.  The Bat thought this was the most amusing thing in the world so she cheered me on with "thump-drag-McThag!"

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