30 September 2013

Shut It Down

Shut it down.

Shut it all down.

Time to let the Free Shit Army get screwed over...

But wait, they won't.

Congress doesn't pass anything for the entitlement checks to be written.  This is about cutting discretionary funds.

This only hurts people who pay taxes or are paying for a government service.  Like wanting NFA paperwork to go through.  Like wanting to vacation in one of our OUR national parks.

The people "laid off" by a shut down will be unaffected since the resumption of .gov always includes their back pay.


Everyone being all happy that the republicans have screwed themselves about this...  If they find a spine and stick to it long enough; people might just notice that they're getting by just fine without all of the "non-essential" government that was shut down.  When they notice that, you're going to have a lot of trouble convincing them they want government started back up.

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