06 May 2017

PSAK(M) Shootin'

Took the PK-01VS optic to the range to get it zeroed.

Marv was kind enough to record the event.

Today's banana clip is Dole branded.

No surprises getting the scope zeroed.  It was a little low and left from eyeballing it co-witnessing.

I ham fisted the correction and overshot, but it was simple to fix.

Bottom Right is me confirming the irons were still OK.  That first shot way to the left was me slipping as I pulled the trigger.

Bottom Left is walking the rounds around to zero it.

Top Left is confirming the zero.

Top Right is Marv trying the optic out.

Center is me firing off-hand in a spirited manner.

I had to turn the dot down to setting two to keep it from being overwhelmingly bright.

I completely forgot to remove the scope and reinstall it to confirm it retains zero.  Next trip, perhaps?

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