09 March 2018

That's What The Uniform Is For

To the LEO who was defending the policy and procedure of establishing a perimeter while an active shooting mass murder was happening and only entering the building once sufficient force and organization was marshaled; on the grounds that entering piecemeal would cause confusion and endanger their fellow LEO's to being shot by mistake by other LEO's.

Why do you think you're wearing that fancy get-up with a badge and shit?

Why do you think it doesn't look like everyday clothes everyone else wears?

It isn't just so the oppressed masses common citizen can know from which font the authoritah flows.

It's so you can identify your fellow officers at a glance.

You guys so dearly love to play dress-up-like-a-soldier and you missed one of the basic things of soldiering?

Never mind that despite your worry about confusion, that a single person shooting back stops these things dead in their tracks.

What really worries me here is I have a goal that anyone will be able to carry legally right into that school as long as they're legal to own a gun.  Not just specially licensed and sanctioned employees of the state.

If you can't tell your uniformed buddies apart from the terrified victims and the murdering bastards... what chance do I have of being identified as a good guy and avoid being shot?

I want the procedure for that.  I want to know how to coordinate with law enforcement in an established way because in all likelihood, if I'm shooting back at the bad guy; I've been there the entire time while you're just arriving much later.

You don't even pretend to want to establish such rules.

That alone should frighten anyone with a carry permit.

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