31 December 2018

Damn You Ian!

My GURPS Conversion of Twilight: 2000 just got three new weapons added.

The Czechoslovakian LADA would have continued its development in a world where the Berlin wall stayed up and the Velvet Revolution never happened.


  1. First attempt at looking up the LADA brought up ugly cars and porn stars. Added 'Gun' to the search then resulted in what you are talking about. Just love search engines, don'tcha?

    An interesting gun and gun-system. Seems lots of people took stock soviet designs and improved them into much nicer weapons.

    Oh, well. What could have been... The gun that is, not Twilight 2000, though with politics these days I wonder if maybe we did lose a nuke war and we're surrounded by radioactive zombies and just didn't notice it.

    1. Not found in Broward, Palm Beach or Alachua Counties, nor in our current gubner...


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