29 December 2018

Goddamn Fashion

What the Hell happened to t-shirts.

Just a couple of years ago there was t-shirt for fit, you picked a size and you were good.

Now there's at least three fits for the things and all of them mean ordering a size bigger than before because the fashion is now body hugging instead of baggy and loose.

I hate tight fitting clothes.  I didn't like it when I was skinny, and I damn sure don't want it now that I'm fat.

I want t-shirt fitting t-shirts!


  1. I go with Gildan brand from www.blankapparel.com. I can get an XL or 2XL for less than $3 each. They are big enough but not too long - doesn't make it look like you'r wearing a mini skirt. I got stacks of 'em.

  2. Hey Angus;

    I truly feel your pain, especially since I am "Fluffy" and I hate form fitting T-shirts.

  3. What doesn't help either is they apparently reduced the size of the shirts as well what used to be a large is now a one or 2x

  4. Yep, fat shaming by size sucks... I compared an old large t-shirt against a NEW XL t-shirt, and the large is actually bigger!

    1. I have a couple of old XL shirts which are larger, except for length, than recently bought 3X.


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