06 December 2018

Squeeze It Harley...

In my on-going attempt to shoot the M&P-9 better...

Stumbled across this article.  Written by a known gun-writer...

It did cause me to ask myself, "was I forgetting any fundamentals?"

I think I was.

His line, "If it moves even a tiny bit, you are jerking the trigger."

I've been fighting a flick of the muzzle to the right as the sear breaks with this thing.

So I zone out and "roll on" the trigger pressure...

Click.  No movement.

I think what I've been doing with this gun is pulling it up against the break then jerking it through.

More practice, obviously, is needed.

1 comment:

  1. When my daughter was small I really slacked on range trips, and my shooting suffered, then I started hitting the range again, and I wasn't improving.

    Then one day I was shooting my 1911 and I was shooting low left.

    I realize my trigger muscles had atrophied. After some stringent dry fire work things are more where they should be.


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