28 December 2018

Morons I've Got Morons On My Team

I've been reading about how apathetic I am about gun rights because I don't march on the capital and participate with the pro-gun rallying.


When are we going to rally?

What day?

Can we, just once, not schedule it for a day when YOU are already going to be there?

You see, you think that I'm apathetic because I have to deal with my home-logistics.

What you're leaving out is you declare when we should rally... after you've already gotten your logistics settled, and a hotel room reserved.

You scheduled this to your convenience and are baffled that the rest of us can't drop everything and come rally on five days notice?

You're being unreasonable in your expectations of other people's time.

I didn't want to go there, but you're a cop with a lot of seniority.  You have a lot more time off than I get.

But since we're blaming people for shit here; let's talk about you being an LEO and the professional organizations who constantly lobby against my rights.

What are YOU doing about that?  Where are your fellow officers at these rallies, and why aren't they in uniform standing with us against gun control, since you keep saying they're on our side.

Well?  Where are they?


  1. What you said. With my home life, it takes 2 days of prep to travel 50 miles, let alone a daytrip to Tallahassee, which, since the missus will be up longer than 8 hours, will result in at least 1 hotel day stay, most likely 2, one for arrival, one for departure.

    Being support staff for handicapped people can be 'fun,' yes?

    There's a reason I haven't made it to a gun range in 5 years.

  2. It's more like...


  3. igold.isra.org Ill. gun owners lobby day, 3-27-2019

    1. I should have been clear I was ranting and raving about Florida.


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