21 November 2020

Better Than Expected

Got the fuel pump changed out on Bubba's Colorado.

It went perfectly!

I am certain that was because Marv and JT were on hand.

The elbow where the fuel exits the pump was severely corroded.  A common issue with Damnyankee trucks.

I have to say that the engineers put a lot more thought into "someone is going to have to work on this someday" than they did on The Precious

We did have a nervous moment when we first fired her up and the 5 gallons we'd put in didn't move the needle a bit.  Since a fuel level sender was part of the R&R, and 5 gallons is more than 1/4 tank...

So I drove it to the gas station and added five more gallons.  That moved the needle to 1/2 tank.

We found out the total tank capacity is 18 gallons.

I'll add some pics later.


  1. I'd wager that weren't a bit of fun.

    1. It went shockingly smoothly.

      The two things that really ticked me off were the fender liner and the needlessly long, fine thread fasteners for the tank straps. I have not figured out why GM does that. A fastener doesn't need to be six to eight times longer than the nut is thick, but time and again...

  2. When my 83 Blazer needed a fuel pump, I bought a circular saw and abrasive blade and put a hatch over the area of concern.

    1. When my brother did his 3rd gen Camaro, he cut a hole in the floor to get at it.

      With the Colorado, there's no good place to cut that hole because of how the tank noses under the cab. You'd have to cut a big chunk out of the back of the cab wall to get enough clearance to pull it up.


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