21 November 2020

End Of An Era

301 Hikotai has turned in their F-4EJ Kai.

They're going to be transitioning to F-35A.

It's weird to think that I was born when every Western air force flew some version of the F-4 and I'm going to see one where nobody does.

Just Greece, Iran, South Korea and Turkey are left.  And those days are very numbered in Greece and South Korea with the F-35 moving in.


  1. McThag, you are a bit of a whippersnapper. When I was born they were flying the F-86........

  2. I was stationed at Dam Neck VA in the early 1980's. We were right under the flight path for NAS Oceana Master Jet Base. You had to stop talking when the flew over, the Jet noise was just that loud. They called it the sound of freedom then and now.


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