04 October 2022

Duck Dice Ooh Ooh


Got my polyhedral set in it's decorative tin today!

Added my 6d6 from before and subtracted one d6.  We've a local coffee shop named "White Duck" and they have a collection of duckies on their drive through window.  We're going to give them a d6 for that collection!

For most of the dice, when a 1 is rolled, the duck is upright.

This is true for the percentile dice in a fun way.  The 0-1 die has it upright on 1, the 00-99 die has it upright on the 00.  Thus, 00 and 1 make a roll of one and both ducks are upright!

The duck is upright on 20 with the d20.

The duck is never upright with the d4.  He's upright with the 1 point facing down, so he's upside down on a roll of a 1.  I think they're saying that the d4 is just weird.

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