03 October 2022

I Wanna So Bad

I ordered some of these:

While I have used real 3.5" floppies as coasters, these are silicone.

I am so tempted to mark them with really inappropriate stuff.

No, worse than that.

NO.  Worse than that.


You're still not there.


  1. I may still have one of those 3.5 drive plastic floppy bins with clear dust protector somewhere that have copies of software that were purchased to be installed on PCs. This was back in early 90's if my bad memory serves (has it been 30 years already ?)

    I'm curious as to the label you speak of - maybe Clinton Whitewater files ? Rattling old bones in the closet skeleton - pesky things those !


  2. "I am so tempted to mark them with really inappropriate stuff."

    Microsoft Bob installation disks?


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