19 August 2016

Bubba Eats FUDD Too

The bolt gun agony combined with a C&R leads me to look for older guns.

The Winchester Model 54 is such a gun.  My obsession with .270 Win. led me to it because it was introduced with the Mod. 54.

In those way-back days, rifles did not come ready for scopes for the most part.  They came with iron sights.  The opposite of today.

Winchester offered sight upgrades, though, in the form of a Lyman peep sight from the factory.  The receiver is drilled and tapped and the stock inletted.  Sometimes the tangent sight is retained with a folding notch, sometimes a block is set into the barrel dovetail.

Why do I mention Bubba?

Years later, Bubba decided that his deer assassinating bullet projection device needed a scope.  Off the Lyman comes and into the trash it goes.  The receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounts and he's set!

Now, fifty years on, the C part of C&R sees the gaping hole in the stock and the corroded screw holes in the receiver and thinks, "well there went a lot of the original value."  Changes it from a $1,500 gun to a $600 gun!

Even worse is when the pictures show the peep sight threads in perfect shape and the brand and model of scope mount is obviously recent...  Bubba doesn't do research before he starts drilling.

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