09 August 2016

Bubba Math

A Savage 10/110 XP Trophy Hunter Package is $619.99 plus tax ($43.40 in FL) and and background ($5) from Bass Pro.  That gets you a scoped rifle with a match trigger and detachable magazine for $668.39 in your choice of calibers.

We're going to approach ordering the Mosin one thing at a time because that's been presented as a budgetary concern as opposed to saving a bit on shipping by ordering all at once (which I will also show).

A bog-standard Mosin-Nagant M91/30 from AIM surplus is $269.95, plus shipping ($18.47), background ($5) and FFL fee ($35 average).  That gets you a long, heavy milsurp rifle for $328.42.

The cheapest stock Midway has is an Advanced Technology monte-carlo for $79.99 plus $10.79 shipping.

The more desirable Archangel stock is $169.99 and $13.19 shipping.

The Timney match trigger runs $99.99 and $4.99 shipping.

A scope mount (with bent bolt handle kit) is $27.99 plus $4.99 shipping.

The Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40 that the Savage comes with is $179.95 with free shipping!

The cheapest 1" rings from Midway are Tasco for $5.99 and we'll order them with the scope.

Our money saving Mosin-Nagant is now a $743.10 rifle in a monte-carlo stock or $835.30 in an Archangel.

That drops to $3.20 shipping total ($17.57 savings) or $725.53 if you order the monte-carlo option all at once and $6.50 for the Archangel ($16.67 saved) or $818.63.

This values your labor and time at $0, because the bolt kit requires some sawing and tapping.

To skip drilling and tapping, a scope mount that replaces the rear sight is $14.99 plus $5.99 shipping from Sportsman's Guide.

A couple places offer doing the bolt for you for $50 or so.

That changes the final price to $781.10 or $873.30.

I've also noticed that this time around doing this exercise that a lot of the people who were doing Mosin parts have vanished.  It's a rough market.

I will add the caveat that if you're doing a Mosin to make a good FUDD rifle, this is a bad plan.  If you're doing it for the fun of gathering and assembling parts, then it's your fun, ENJOY!

Just don't stand there and tell me you saved money by starting on a Mosin.

Assuming that all that gets you as good a gun as the Savage, the break even price point on the host Mosin is $212.81 with the cheapest upgrade package.  You can also shave money by getting cheap on the glass, but it's another false economy.

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