07 August 2016

Fine Then

I identify as a lesbian who found herself trapped in a woman's body and has successfully completed gender transition to male.

It wasn't me that made being "merely" a man untenable, so this is what you get.

And yes, making me go through such circumlocutions to shut your ass up DOES belittle the struggle of people who actually have mismatched plumbing and wiring.  I was happy not going there, but you insisted.

Why aren't you happy for me?


  1. Biologically 100% true!

    All human fetuses start out as female, and the y chromosome transitions the fetus to male. (and in androgen-insensitive xy fetuses, the actions of the y chromo goes unnoticed and a "normal" female is born)

    That little ridge that runs from your anus to your urethra is where your vulva transitioned to a penis.

    Heh, on a similar note, I had surgery at a young age, and when I was a similar age my Dad had some pretty involved surgery to repair his knees. So I was familiar with what surgical scars looked like, and I noted the similarity on my own lower anatomy and wondered if that ridge was actually a scar.

    Under your nice definition, I and all males (in the traditional biological sense) are post-op Trans-men using the vastly superior biological method!

    1. I used to be a woman, but the gene therapy cured it?

    2. No you've always been a hairy heterosexual male curmudgeon and loving father....just your body didn't always reflect that! ;)


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