06 August 2016

Forget It Jake, It's Bahstahn

There are times I wonder if we should bother fighting the stupidity in places like Massivetwoshits.

Expending political capital to get their attorney general to actually follow the law seems a wasted effort because at the end of the day, the fine folks of Massachusetts still have an assault weapons ban.

What do we gain by fighting there?

Time and again I feel like advances in freer places are being put on hold to fight the same losing battles in the same loser places to no avail.

It's easy to take an attitude that if they're stupid enough to live there, then they can just eat up the shit sandwich that being a gun owner there brings.

Will getting Massachusetts to go back to status quo antehealy cause an expansion to gun rights elsewhere?

Will it have an effect like Florida going from no CCW to shall-issue and shine as an example for other states to follow?

Will it set the bar so we go from almost no states following the law as written to nearly all of them?

Will it inspire other states to surpass this example of liberty and become even more free?

Or will it just reset to the way it was and we have to constantly fight to keep the most anti-gun state in the nation in line while not advancing anywhere else even a whit?

My real fear is something I see way too often in Florida.

Pro-gun libtards from all those anti-gun Atlantic seaboard states bailing and moving here.

Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut...  I hear that Virginia isn't even in The South anymore with North Carolina wavering because of it.

We've got to make the rest of the nation proofed against their political tendencies or it won't matter how the AWB in Boston is being enforced.

Colorado got fucked by this kind of migration from California.  Arizona and Texas are feeling it as well.


  1. At least, other than Austin, we still have them outnumbered in Texas... sigh

  2. I know migration from California infecting other places with stupid has been called Califorming, but what do you call it from the northeast?

    It took us ages to get shall issue, but once we got it we went pretty hard for it here in WI. Of course any possible expansion of rights, gun or otherwise leads to the usual hue and cry. Most of the rest of the state manages to balance the influence of Madison and Milwaukee (and maybe Kenosha. That direct link via the Metra line to Chicago is dangerous).

  3. As a whole, you're mostly right.

    One could argue that Illinois getting their carry ban overturned might help those of us in May Issue states fight back.

    I know that sides are amassing the pending legal battle, but I don't know what that battle might look like. Could just be a reset button, and bring us back to essentially 1995 America. ...or it could overturn the whole ban, which may in part dismantle other bans, and poison the well for future bans.

    Still from where I'm standing, it looks like the bulk of the work will be done by NSSF and S&W...and this is legal money that would never help a free state, because the industry can sell unfettered there. He'll S&W didn't even care about carry bans, because they could still sell J-Frames in states where you can't carry.

    On a larger scale, we have an attorney general doing a 180 degree "reinterpretation" of a long-standing law, and using it as a political bludgeon against people they have been losing ground to.

    Yeah, our past bills to repeal the AWB died in committee, but so have all the attempts to make massachusetts law more onerous.

    So when you step away from the whole gun politics thing, there are much broader implications that put EVERYBODY in danger.


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