07 August 2016

Geek Slog

Still cranking away at converting the GURPS: Traveller character templates over to GURPS 4th Edition.

It's just tedious.

Lots of advantages, disadvantages and skills have been renamed.  Some even eliminated.

Some advantages have become secondary stats.

It's going faster and faster as I knock the cobwebs off the synapses, but it's a slog.

The good news is I've managed to get the main GT book, Far Trader, and Starports converted.

The bad news is there's still four Alien Races books, First In, Ground Forces, Humaniti, Nobles, Psionics Institutes, Star Mercs and Starships.



  1. Do you have GURPS Update handy? I'm assuming you're trying to convert full on GURPS Traveller rather than...Traveler: Interstellar Wars I think it was? 4e one that takes place way earlier in the Traveler timeline. Different times, different templates, different feel.

    Anyway, handy dandy cheatsheet specifically for converting things from 3e to 4e, pretty useful actually. I'd wager you've got it, particularly since it's free, but if not here's the link. http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/resources/4eupdate.pdf

    1. The conversion process... On the left monitor I have open the 3e GT book I am sourcing the template from and GURPS: Update. On the right monitor I have the Basic Set Characters open with the .odt file in NeoOffice running.

      Half of the tedium is from scrolling back and forth on update to double check the changes. The other half is changing skill difficulty notations from m/e to IQ/E (or from mental to Per or Will) and remembering that some skills change stat on you, like Beam Weapons/TL going from p/e to IQ/E and it ending up costing more for the same skill level because 4e doesn't give an IQ bonus.

      The merchant templates use allies and contacts a lot, so that needs checking for point costs since those changed a bit.

      Scouts are proving much easier.

      I'm also reformatting the background skills list alphabetically rather than by difficulty.

      I'd actually like to run a campaign set in Interstellar Wars! Unlike a lot of Third Imperium campaigns I have several ideas for the players to be doing. Sometimes the players lack imagination and get bored in the more stable environment of the Third Imperium.


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