29 August 2016

Multiple Savages

Following Marv's fine example, Willard I trekked to Wal Mart to confirm at a store with the 93F in stock had them at the desired low price.

They almost didn't.

The sporting goods person said, "no," when we asked if the rumors of some sort of unadvertised secret sale were true.

His co-worker whipped out the price scanner on the bar-code and with great relish said, "yup!"

$99 even marked down from $197.99.  Willard found six boxes of .45-70 marked down from $45 to $20, so he actually got ammo with a free gun from the savings!

"Huzzah!" we cried and demanded to be sold one example, each, of this fine American Canadian rimfire rifle.

Alas!  They needed to finish in-processing ammo and stocking the shelves before any firearms could be sold that day.  Two hours was the time told us.

So we fittered about another gun shop for the requisite time and returned.

Where we repeated Marv's sad tale of, "there's no reason, it's just our policy".  The store manager made a command decision to walk both guns out together rather than separately as is required by Wal Mart Policy.

We even managed to find some ammo at the local Guntry Club.  Win Win.

Even more fun is there's a $25 rebate from Savage for these things.  $74 dollars for a pretty decent little rifle is pretty darn good!


  1. $74 is a STEAL..

  2. Denied! None of the Wal-Marts around here have any 93Fs in stock... :-( One of them does have a Savage Axis in .270 Win for $269 though. They also have them in .308 and 7mm08, but are sold out in .243 and .30-06.

  3. Outstanding!!! :-) And good for you holding Wally World's feet to the fire...


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