06 April 2017

Paging Lieutenant Fleetwood

"All foreigners enlisting in the Rhodesian Armed Forces received some degree of basic training, with an emphasis on discipline. The Rhodesian Security Forces had a higher standard of military discipline than most western armies, and Americans were generally surprised by the intensity and severity of this system."

I happen to know an American who joined the Rhodesian Armed Forces...

I'll be sure to get his opinion on it.

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  1. Milady pointed me to this post. I missed out on active service with the Rhodesian Army by virtue of having been convinced by the spooks that I was of far greater value getting and bringing in parts to keep the RhAF in the air, and later, other useful tasks. The good news was I got around a good bit more and fell in love with the place; the tradeoff was I missed out on rookies school and that swell discipline of which you speak. But Georgian Mikey Peirce late of the Rhodesian Armoured Cars Regiment wrote on the subject, back now seventeen years ago. Submitted for your consideration: Remembering a Soldier; Michael Peirce looks back at his NCO from the Rhodesian Army [1/11/2000] https://archive.lewrockwell.com/orig/peirce1.html -archy


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