12 April 2017

Killed Him With A Sword. How Weird Is That?

It's odd for me to remember my dreams at all.

But last night was odd.

For some reason I was confronting a friend's deadbeat ex-boyfriend.  For some reason it was at her trailer.

The trailer in my memory is one of the ones The Shitheels once lived in.  Very detailed recollection.

The other players in my dream weren't people I know.

The deadbeat had battered my friend, but she'd given better than she'd gotten and I was just there to make sure he stayed put for the cops.

Suddenly he's back on his feet and he's got a basket-hilt claymore.  And I have a rapier.

I poked him in both forearms and thighs and he didn't get the hint so I ran him through the heart.

Dead right there.

Then the alarm did a fine job of making me think it was police sirens and I woke up thinking the cops were coming to MY house in real life.

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  1. Sounds like you were confronting 'something' in your subconscious... Glad you won!


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