30 April 2017

Oh The Joy

We've been fighting bed bugs here since January when Harvey found them in her bed.

Black Flag's Hot Shot brand seems to slow them down, but doesn't finish them off.

So we ended up with a mass of bombing every 3-4 days for a couple weeks then thinking we'd gotten them.


We'd repeat the bombing and they subsided for about a month.

Then I got arrested and Harvey got another bloom.  Topical treatment appeared to get them... and a mattress cover seemed to get them nuked.

Last week I saw a live one and she found evidence of feeding in her bed, but no concentrations.

So I bombed again.  Reading the directions on the Hot Shot containers I was led to believe that I should wait 3-4 weeks before bombing again.


This morning she found a ton coming out of her boxed springs.

So I bit the bullet and hit the DIY Pest place.

I asked the guy there what he'd use and he was very helpful.

Bed bugs are good at hiding, and it's not until you start looking for the little fuckers that you start to learn exactly HOW good they are at it.

They were nicely sheltered from the bombs behind a wall plate for a coax cable, and some evidence was seen in the two wall outlets nearest her bed.

So, we've sprayed the new chemicals, one's a pesticide the other is an Insect Growth Regulator.  We also got a dust that we can apply liberally to places we cannot spray (like electronics).

The store warned that it make take several sprayings 7-10 days apart to finish them off, but learning how to find their hiding spots, I think, helped immeasurably.

We've sprayed and are now doing the subject everything to the dryer's heat we can.

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