19 April 2017

Just In Case

I hit WeaponsMan's blog and saved all the archive pages as "Webpage, Complete" to a hard drive.

I don't think that got the comments, but it got all the posts.

I'm working on saving the whole thing, with comments.

I would hate to see this page go like Lex's because nobody has the passwords to keep the site up.


  1. A better way is to make sure archive.org has a complete copy. Just browse though and click on any of the "Save this url in the Wayback Machine" links.

    1. Could you do that? That'd be great!

    2. Yes, we can do it.

      Anyone can.

      Just go to archive.org/web/

      Put weaponsman.com it the address box at the top of the page and start checking if the pages are available with comments.

      If not click the "Save this url in the Wayback Machine" link or if the comments are less then listed then use the "Save Page Now" box this page archive.org/web/ and put the post address.

    3. Since you have a handle on the process, I was kind of hinting that perhaps you'd do it for me?

    4. Yea, I picked up on that. :D

      But I meant it when I said anyone could do it, not just you and me Angus.

      I was going to post the instructions elsewhere so that others can do this also.


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