13 April 2017

They Don't Speak English

I finally figured it out.

Liberals don't speak English.

That's why they cannot read The Constitution.

That's why no matter what I say I am racist, sexist and or LGBTphobic.

It's why they claim that as a straight, white man I cannot define LGBTphobia, racism or sexism.

But here's the deal...  If something cannot be defined except by the "victim" then it cannot be objectively defined, and that effectively makes it not real.  No, that definitely makes it not real.

They've decided that they alone can determine what I am thinking entirely on the basis of my sexual orientation, skin color and sex.  My sexual orientation, skin color and sex also preclude me from divining their thoughts and intent.

With an objective definition of hetrophobia, racism and sexism you can see it's them being phobic, racist and sexist; and it makes me the victim.

They cannot have that, so they demand that some words, like Humpty-Dumpty, be defined as they wish when they wish.

And that's choosing to speak a different language from English.

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