14 April 2017

Most Affected

The Lovely Harvey runs a bowling league for special needs kids like The Boy.

During the league's season there's two scheduled pizza parties.

She discovered today that you cannot pay Domino's cash if the total, including taxes and fees, comes to more than $35.

The same goes for the other national chains with differing amounts ranging from $30 to $50.

This lead us to wonder, "Where do strippers order pizzas from?"

The cash-free economy has left these people behind!


  1. So I order $85 worth of pizza for my scout troop - no mention is made of the policy.

    I receive said pizza, and proffer five $20 notes to pay for it. Domino's refuse to accept my offer of legitimate, legal tender to pay a private debt. It even says on the note: "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private". I have no other method of payment.

    Do I get to keep the pizza anyway, since I tried to pay for it, but they refused to take my money?

    1. Their online order system doesn't give you a cash option to click on and they will not process your order unless you pay with a card.

      When she called to ask WTF they tersely informed her that large orders must be prepaid.

  2. "Large orders must be prepaid" ... sounds reasonable to limit losses for no-shows.

    I wonder if that means it's more a "show it's a real online order by pre-paying" rather than a "no cash for large orders" policy.

    I'll try the local store (here in Oz) with a large walk-in order (rather than online), and see how they handle it.


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