20 April 2017

It's What They Do

Venezuela just nationalized General Motors' plant down there.

And by nationalize, I mean seize.

And by seize, I mean stole.

And GM thinks they can settle this out in court.

You can tell that optimism won out over history at Renaissance Center.

When a socialist government takes over a previously capitalistic democracy, shutter your shit and move your stuff while they're still transitioning.  Call it a "planned renovation" or something, because if you don't get your gear out, it'll be stolen from you.

Staying in the nation that does this makes you an accomplice to the new regime because working with them to keep your plant open just a little longer only prolongs the agony as socialism works its universal misery magic on the populace.

1 comment:

  1. Have them consult with Tidewater how that settlement from the Hague worked out...


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