30 April 2017

25 Years

While dealing with the bed bugs, I missed my intent to comment on the LA Riots.

I was living in Des Moines (West Des Moines actually) at the time and the chance that the rioting would spread and happen there seemed non-trivial.

I spent the evening night and next morning peering out into the dark from my balcony with my trusty Mini-14 loaded and ready.

I was not the only one either.

The real concern wasn't riots in West Des Moines, but from Des Moines proper and the little enclave of criminals using it as an excuse to go-a-looting out in the 'burbs.

Nothing came of it, but I know I was reassured to own something high capacity (in the Mini-14's case calling a 30-rounder a high-capacity magazine is actually apt, since the normal capacity magazine was 5-rounds).

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