21 April 2017

Pressure Pressing Down On Me

The $100 rifle, Blanche Devereaux, has what might be a problem.

The round on the right looked just like the round on the left before firing.

I think we have some indications of excessive pressure.

It might not be the gun.  The ammunition is of unknown provenance, it could be loaded very hot.

Going to test it out with some known quantity rounds real soon.


  1. Hmmmm...the primer's certainly flattened, but I don't see any cratering around the firing pin indicating flow of the primer around the firing pin. I'd say you're probably safe with the load in a strong firearm, but I wouldn't want anything much hotter.

    I hope The Boy is going OK after your recent upheavals.

    1. It's a converted Mauser action, so it's probably strong enough.

      The Boy is doing so much better now that his new meds have taken hold.

  2. Primer appearance is very unreliable as a gauge of pressure. Even low pressure rounds in a gun with excessive head space could look like that. I'd chrono the rounds before I was concerned.


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