28 April 2017

Here's One For All Y'All

I direct your attention to the rear of the slide where it appears to be contoured differently from a normal 92FS.  Also note the screw near the safety.

Botach calls this a Beretta 9mm 92FS "Police Special".

Willard spotted the differences and he wondered "what the heck"?  I've found scant reference to a "Police Special" version and none of the descriptions add up to that picture.


  1. I strongly suspect that they grabbed a stock photo off of the net. As a result, they ended up using a photo of a replica or toy.

    Note the half moon recess forward of the rear sight. A roll pin should be there on a real Beretta.

    1. I think you're right.

      Using Chrome, a right click on the image and "search Google for image" yields a couple of photos labelled "Beretta M9 airsoft metal slide green gas blowback".


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