07 April 2017

When A Deal Is Not A Deal

SIG-Sauer sends me emails because I registered my P238's warranty card with them.

This month there's a deal for two extended magazines and a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster for $75.

Since the MSRP on those magazines is $44 each, this sure seems like a deal.

Until you add the $9.95 for shipping and then pay FL's 7% sales tax on both the $75 and $9.95 shipping ($5.95)...

Bringing the actual total to $90.90.

The local guntry club with a reputation for being overpriced sells the same magazines for $39.99 each.  $85.58 total with tax for two of them.

In essence, this "deal" is a De Santis pocket holster (with SIG logo!) for $5.32, which IS about $20 off MSRP for it, but if you just wanted the magazines, this isn't a deal at all.


  1. Freedom's dilemma (or is it dilemna - oh the irony). :)

    Here in Oz, I have just acquired a new toy - a Schmidt Rubin K11 chambered in 7.5 x 55 Swiss.

    I can find ONE supplier of ammunition for it in the whole country!

    They are on the east coast, and the freight to the west coast is going to be horrendous.

    1. Yeah, it's a definite first world, most of America specific problem.

      Never mind that I don't even have the $39.99 for a single magazine while I'm getting my legal bills paid off.

  2. Well, if I am going to tell the WHOLE story... I DID buy the rifle four years ago.

    I had it shipped to my favourite local gun shop, but then I got badly ill, and forgot about it.

    The dealer eventually rang me to say that his brother (and business partner) had died, and he needed to clear the shop inventory, so I ran the licensing gauntlet, and finally got the OK last Thursday, so I picked it up on Friday.

    So, technically, I have had 4 years to source ammunition, even though I can't legally buy any calibre for which I don't have a licensed firearm. :(


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