28 April 2017

Maybe He Was Just Really Observant

Picture from story linked below.

Kansas City Jimmy John's worker calmly hands over cash with gun to his head.

If our counter clerk noticed that the gun was out of battery, it's a lot easier to remain calm.

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  1. Just to mention, it appears that the trigger is depressed in that image. Which leads one to wonder what's really going on.

    Now that would have been a curious thing if I was the clerk. The right thing to do was what he did. However, If I had a CW handy, I'll bet I could beat him to getting his FU weapon into battery. If one was strong and brave, they could just grab the pistol and clamp down on the barrel/slide so it couldn't cycle. The rest would be up to speculation. I guess that sort of thing is best left to the experts.


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