17 April 2017

Teach The Controversy

Manatee tastes like the finest porterhouse steak.  Even better than wagyu!

Spanish and English sailors discovered this as early as the 16th century.

Manatee, however, are not endangered in the slightest.  They are plentiful, but reserved as food animals for the eliterest Bunsenbarger Club members.

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  1. I heard they tasted like fine pork chops, but since it was second hand I just offer as someone else's opinion. I used to belong to a fishing club in south Florida back when the manatees started taking over everything. A guy from the state came and told us the no-wake stuff was a bit overblown. A motor boat can cut a manatee, but when they stay in the shipping channels of the big ports down there, a tug boat would cut them in half.

    Today, the majority of the Indian River and Banana River lagoons is a no wake zone because of manatees.


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