13 April 2017

A Recurring Corvette Problem

The Precious has the Z51 package.

A chief feature of this package is that it has the J55 Heavy Duty Brake System which has larger diameter brake rotors than the base model.

The same pads and calipers, but larger rotors.

Over and over when looking up rotors I select the year, then make then model and get a choice of "Base" "Z06" and "427 Limited Edition".  Do you notice what's not there?

It's especially galling that the F55 active suspension option for my year also gets the larger drilled rotors, meaning there's even more cars that need the larger rotor!

The Z06 and 427 cars have even larger rotors and use different calipers and pads from base and Z51/F55.

For 2008 there's three rotor sizes and two caliper/pad sizes and hardly anyone give you an option to sort out the base sized rotor when shopping.

That leaves you clicking on every single link and reading the detailed specifications to see if the fronts have the proper 13.4" (340mm) diameter and the rears are 13" (330mm) instead of 12.8" (325mm) and 12" (305mm).

Even worse, the manufacturers often don't quote the same size as GM does for their rotor, nor do they mention it's just for the heavy duty brakes.


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