14 April 2017

Long Delayed Test

Long ago I lost the magazine that had come with my SIG P238.

This gun is from the dark days where they cheaped out and only shipped the guns with one magazine, so I'd bought a Pro-Mag magazine for it.

The spring on that Pro-Mag did not last very long at all...

So I bought two extended magazines for it, then promptly forgot them in the magazine box because I'd started carrying a .357 J-Frame.

Today I decided to see if those magazines worked!

They do!  With Magtech ball, Federal Low-Recoil JHP and Speer Gold Dot JHP.

I think it improves the grip and appearance of the little gun while doing very little to compromise its ability to hide in a pocket.

No more dangling pinky!

The guy at the range who was carrying the Peacemaker has upgraded his work-carry gun to a .45 Colt Schofield 5".

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