14 April 2017

Because There Are No Comments

People cheer about the Navy lobbing 59 TLAMs at something and fret about the Air Force dropping a MOAB because the former is the military shooting things...

...the latter...

Well, the Air Force has long been considered an honorable alternative to military service.

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  1. I remember the time a Fatboy broke off the bomber parked in the graveyard at SAC back in the eighties.
    Actually moved the ground structures a bit off their foundations.

    At least they did not change the DEFCON down below.

    Now Brits did hop in their Vulcans, and the Harriers scrambled. Those guys are kind of hair trigger, and probably had not been stationed long enough to know the situation was just another day in paradise.

    They brought in a three star to evaluate. He ended up in Alaska after rolling a jeep with a hooker. I think that might have been on a Wednesday. If he would not have muddied up the parade grounds in the floodlights he probably would have ended up someplace warmer.

    In New Mexico, all the stuff is mined. I probably would have mentioned the prarie dogs and gophers. Less scrambling when things go boom.


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