13 April 2017

Did I Say Cheap?

Perhaps The Precious will have to wait on brakes a couple of months...

$400 is out of budget at the moment.

Anyone want a 1916 made SMLE III*?  Will trade for brake parts.

I guess the good news is that I keep ahead of things like this and I have the couple months to gather the funds; unlike paying the lawyers.

They've no patience at all while telling one to relax and wait.


  1. Who made the SMLE? What kind of shape is it in? I might be able to work that out if you would ship to my FFL.

    1. Enfield made, check the photo album for markings.


      Because I will be able to afford the brakes normally, as if I'd never been arrested, the offer to sell the Enfield was kind of tongue in cheek.

  2. Already have a 1916 RSA Enfield built SMLE. I'll have to get similar pictures taken.

    I think I need to get a Flickr account...


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