20 April 2017

Only One Thing Now

Now the only thing at McDonalds I cannot get from some other place is a McMuffin.



  1. So making your own big mac and pay 30% more. Awesome marketing.

    1. Making my own Big Mac from components at 5-Guys. A few minutes.

      Getting higher quality meat and condiments. 30% more.

      Not dealing with a company that hates me. Priceless.

      Sometimes you pay more when you make a principled stand.

    2. I had my first Five Guys burger in Canada - Toronto. They are a better burger. They opened one about 10 miles from me last year. Worth it if I'm in the area.

  2. I was waiting for the taste test.
    I regularly eat 5-guys, and I had my first (and only) big mac about 5 years ago, and it was severely underwhelming.

    so the 5-guys burger I bet is pretty good. I made a similar burger (no middle bun...who needs that?) and it was pretty good.

    So the price difference is an M&P vs Hi-Point comparison.

    FYI if you take a shallow microwave safe bowl and grease it, and dump in a beaten egg and nuke for 1.5- 2 mins (I recommend covering it) and the end result is very similar to the egg in the McMuffin. add more time if you want to add cheese and meat to warm while you toast and butter your muffin.

    it's a little more work than the drive in....but with how McD's customer service, well worth it for me.

    plus I can have me an egg sandwich with my morning tea without having to get dressed!

    1. There's a 5-Guys on the way back from the Special Olympics meeting tonight... maybe I will stop in and concoct.


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